Homemade coffee vodka = yummm! (I hope)

Hello everybody, I know this is turning into a place where I usually just post my youtube stuff, but I’m okay with that.  I think this is also a great platform to maintain for when I have specific instructions on things or some thoughts on a topic that I want to explain very clearly and methodically rather than talking in a disorganized way on camera. (I’m still working on my video presentation skills).

Anyhow, I was thinking of how to continue my alcohol making adventures, and I wanted to make a few tastey flavored liquors (not liquers).  My first attempt is this coffee flavored vodka.  I started with the good stuff, but if this works out I’m going to see how far down in price I can go while still having the product be something that I enjoy.

This is a simple one, but through a little experimentation I bet you could make some really tastey unique gifts.  Not only will you probably save a few bucks, but you would be giving something special rather another yankee candle or similar thing.  Enjoy! and remember, produce your freedom, or life will produce your chains.

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