Freedom can get messy, let’s clean it up

I recently moved to the wonderful free state of New Hampshire, and I love it.  However, I was making some hard cider when I discovered that I packed up my racking cane without cleaning it.  It had some stuff growing in it.  I learned two things through this experience:

  1. There is a really simple way to fix this that I discovered which has also proved my philosophy on sanitizing correct (see video), and
  2. I need to follow my own cider-making advice and clean things immediately after use so I don’t have to go through excess effort in cleaning them in the future.

I may have stumbled on a fast-brewing method for making hard cider, so if it all pans out I’ll happily provide the recipe here for any of you to use at home.

Thanks for checking in, and remember…

“Produce your freedom, or life will produce your chains.”  -Me

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