The Guerilla has left the building… For now

If you saw my guerrilla gardening post before, I have great news – it failed.  Wait, what?  That’s right people it’s a good thing, because I learned.  If I hadn’t tried now I could have failed next season instead, and lost an additional year.

The short explanation is that I picked the wrong site.  This was a small plot not well taken care of near my apartment.  Unfortunately one day I checked in and everything was uprooted and dead.  We did hav a nasty storm before the plants really got established.  Maybe that was it, but I don’t think so since the biodegradable pots were broken as well.  

Maybe someone saw me plant it and said something.  I think someone saw it and got rid of it when they started cleaning up that area to seed it with grass and repair it.  Either way I have a more neglected lot in mind for my next attempt.

My suggestion to fellow guerrilla gardeners is to make sure your plot is not too close something that is maintained.  If someone decides to “fix” the area by planting grass, you’re hosed (pun intended).

I’ll let you know how the next plot progresses.  Happy gardening!

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