The Reloading Saga Continues

Join me as I walk through installing the primers into your cases.  Please heed all safety warnings, and don’t use this information illegally.

I finally got around to picking up some primers and showing you how to prime your cases.  This was prompted by a visit to a really cool ammunition and reloading supply store in my area when I went to by my usual range ammo.  I’d never been there before, but I think I found my new favorite store for the ammunition and reloading side of the equation.  The cost for the primers was $38 per 1,000.  I will publish a breakdown of the cost when I  finish documenting the production of one “batch” of ammunition.

Here is the equipment I have used in the reloading episodes up to this point:

Chicago Electric 3 lb. Rotary Tumbler

Lemishine Dishwasher Detergent Additive

Lee Breech Lock Hand Press Reloading Kit

Lee 9mm Carbide 4-die Set

One more step towards freedom, in this case as it relates to security and finances.  I know I would have greater cost savings reloading something besides 9mm since it is already fairly inexpensive, but I’m using this round since it is a straight-walled case and is what I shoot the largest quantity of.  I will expand my ballistic horizons in the future, and I hope you join me along the way.

“Produce your freedom, or life will produce your chains.”  -Me



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