Guerillas in the Garden

I have officially started down the path of guerilla gardening!  I know it’s a term that some of you may not be familiar with, so…guerrilla gardening is the art of planting a garden on land that you do not own without permission.  It’s a great technique for apartment dwellers and city-folk who want to make unused land productive and grow healthy food for themselves.

This may be illegal where you live, as it is probably illegal in many places.  Guerrilla gardneing is usually done on public land that is not maintained or used for other purposes.  In my humbe opinion doing this on privately owned land is not cool unless you ask permission, at which point I think it’s just called gardening.  Please respect the property rights of others, after all we want them to be free to use their land as they see fit if we really are pro-freedom.  Guerrilla gardening has been done on private land as a form of protest, but this is definitely not what I am undertaking.

I should point out that I am completely new to gardening on my own, although my parents had a garden, some raised beds, some fruit trees, and some grape vines when I was growing up.  I’m starting with cilantro, parsley, basil, and butternut squash – and I know this may be a complete bust, but I hope to learn by doing.

Guerrilla Garden

How I Became a Guerrilla in 4 Simple Steps:

  1. I bought two of each plant for less than $4 each ($3.86?), some organic fertilizer ($8?), and a garden trowel ($6?) at my local hardware store.
  2. I got the plants into my apartment, watered them, and put a desk lamp near them for light.
  3. When it was dark out I went out dressed in dark colors with a backpack on and carrying a tray of plants.  I had the fertilizer, a bottle of water, and my trowel in the backpack.
  4. I dug a couple of holes, put some fertilizer in the bottom, put some fertilizer on top, and spread the dirt from the holes around the plants and the surrounding area so it wasn’t so obvious that the soil had been disturbed

So that, ladies and gentlemen, is how an apartment dweller gets a garden going.  This probably took less than 1 hour of actual work, and based on the numbers above it costed no more than $46.  Hopefully it all works out.

If you decide to start guerrilla gardening, do so at your own risk, and be careful in picking your location.  These were my criteria:

  1. Close enough to my home that I could keep an eye on it regularly
  2. Not completely overrun with plants that would choke mine out too quickly
  3. Not maintained by anyone else, since I don’t want my garden to be mowed

I did plant the squash in a different location, which I will check in on, but I won’t need to visit that quite as often.  Since I want to use the herbs fresh and pick them regularly, I need that close by.  The squash can be further away since it is more obvious and I won’t need to harvest it frequently.  I hope to bring you some pictures of my success in the future.  Hapy gardening and on make sure you enjoy yourself on your path to freedom.

“Produce your freedom, or life will produce your chains.” -Me

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