Brewing the good stuff

Hello again.

I’ve done other things to produce my freedom lately that haven’t made it on to the blog, so I’ll just mention a few and maybe I’ll talk about them in more depth later.  I installed a set of Trijicon HD night sights on my pistol.  Although I spent some money in the process and lost financial freedom, I did gain a good skill.  Overall I view this as a win for my freedom, since I wanted night sights to enhance my ability to provide for my own security and safety.

The video content and blog is a bit more work than I thought, and I’m trying to make things a little more polished.  I know this doesn’t produce freedom in the tangible way that reloading my own ammunition or brewing my own cider does, but I still consider it to be producing freedom.  I think that acquiring new skills is a great way to produce more freedom for ourselves, and producing media content is definitely producing something.  Is it producing freedom immediately?  Probably not.  Will it produce freedom for me in the future by creating my own income stream?  Will some of these media skills lead to other opportunities in my life that produce freedom?  I’m not sure, but they could.

Mainly, I believe that producing more and better quality content might make my message more appealing to people, and if I produce freedom for myself by helping others to produce their freedom, that would be a dream come true.

And now I’m off to work on my food freedom by making big batch of tomato sauce.  Thanks for joining me on this journey.

-Produce your freedom, or life will produce your chains.

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