Lessons learned, and the special sauce

Hello everybody, I just wanted to provide a quick update of what I’ve been up to, a few lessons I’ve learned while producing my freedom, and a quick peak into my next freedom project.

Since my last post I have…

I cleaned more brass, this time with the primers still in the cases.  It’s a batch of .38 special, and since I’ll be using some sort of hand press with dies in the hopefully near future, I didn’t want to spend a ton of time knocking out all of the primers with the Lee Classic Handloader setup, which involves a punch and a mallet to deprime.

In the reloading arena, I learned that my spotty brass was probably due to not moving the cases around periodically while they were drying, rather than a lack of time spent in the tumbler.

Bottling Cider.jpgI bottled more cider, this time in the sink rather than in a cooler to catch the drips. The last time I bottled, I had the bottles in a cooler on the floor, with the fermenter up on the table to create the height difference needed for the siphon.  That meant I couldn’t really see how full the bottles were since there was very little light and they are brown  bottles.

This time I set the fermenter on an upside down pot on the counter, and filled the bottles while they were in the sink.  I had much less spilling because I could see when they were close to full, and this also saved me having to clean up after.  I did have to be a lot more careful to not break the siphon though, since the height difference between the bottom of the racking cane and the bottom of the siphon tube was much closer.  Bonus for the coming months, if we need our cooler it will be ready to go, since in the past I didn’t always clean it right away when I was done bottling.

In the brewing department, I learned that taking the time to think about how to set things up more ergonomically pays off very easily.

I worked out, but I haven’t kept up with the running which I’ll blame at least partially on some colder weather.  I did take a nice walk with my wife to the store on Friday instead of driving, and I’ve been hitting the pull-up bar in the apartment a lot more.  I definitely have been more active overall, and I therefore have a lot more energy.

The special sauce is my next project, and by that I mean making my tomato sauce rather than buying it.  Truthfully I don’t know why we have been since we got our ninja blender and a crock pot for our wedding a while ago.  I’m going to do a video on making a basic pasta sauce soon.  Pasta sauce is dirt cheap to make rather than buy, and it is simple to make a lot of good sauce and use it as a starting point for dishes, adding garlic, roasted red peppers, or whatever else fits that particular dish when you prepare the actual meal.

As always, subscribe, like, comment, check out the YouTube channel, and have fun producing your freedom.

Produce your freedom, or life will produce your chains.


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