24 hours + 3 steps to freedom = progress

Jogging for freedom:

Last night I went for a jog, and found how out of shape my legs really are.  On the plus side of course, I just took a step (many of them in fact) towards producing a healthier body.  How is this producing freedom?

  • Better physical health means a longer life, which means more years to enjoy the freedom we produce.
  • The more years of good health we have, the longer we can work if we need to, which ensures we will have control over our own independence in our later years by increasing our financial freedom.  These financial resources also can be used to invest in areas of our life that further our freedom.
  • Working out gives us increased mental health which helps us to maintain a positive and productive outlook on life.  These keeps us going strong on our journey of freedom.
  • Although we could still become ill in our later years, staying physically fit means that we are less likely to need prescriptions or expensive medical care.

Cleaning for freedom:

This evening I finished cleaning all of my 9mm brass and sorted through a bunch of assorted brass to find all of the .38 special. for my next cleaning session.  I hugely encourage any shooters out there to at least save and clean their spent brass cases.  Even if you do not reload your own ammunition (I don’t yet), you can sell your clean brass to other reloaders, cash it in as scrap, or save it up for the day when you think you will.

Producing content for free people:

This last one is really about helping people to produce their own freedom by sharing my experiences with others.  Today I produced the video on cleaning brass above, as well as this video, which is the second installment in a series on producing hard cider.  Of course this blog post counts too.

Feel free to share how you are producing your freedom by commenting!  Remember, this is all just one step at a time.



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