The first step isn’t so hard

Hello everyone, and welcome to Produce Your Freedom.  This blog is based on a simple yet powerful idea; the fastest way to obtain your freedom is by producing it yourself.  I am not talking about voting or political activism here, I am talking about producing lasting freedom right now.

I believe that producing things which further our own liberty can bring us joy, a sense of accomplishment, and a more resilient lifestyle.  This blog will be focused on the practical and simple things that we can do to accomplish this.  I will talk about politics rarely, if ever.  Maybe at some point I will delve a little deeper into why I’m avoiding that arena.

I will be writing about my experiences and the projects that I have chosen to accomplish this for myself.  I will also be posting videos to YouTube showing some of these projects.  I hope this will give people ideas on their own journey to freedom, as well as demonstrate that an average person like me can do this.

The things we do to produce our freedom do not have to be earth-shattering, they do not have to be expensive, and they do not require us to complete change our lifestyle, whatever that might be.

Everyone can do something to produce freedom, whether we are young or old, live in a city or the country, or are rich or poor.  Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Feel free to check out my YouTube channel as well.



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